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Smarter Decision-Making.

Turn data into insights.
Personalize your marketing.
Drive stronger engagement.


"Turn customer data into
insights that personalize
your marketing and drive stronger engagement

Founder @ Céos Data Marketing
Head of Marketing part-time | Executive Advisor
Data Marketing Intelligence
| Operational Reinforcement

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My Expertise cccccc

A customer-centric methodology
A scalable execution implemented
Results with a sustainable impact

Data Visualization

Data Reports | Dashboards
Web analytics | Ads campaigns
Lead gen. | Digital marketing
Marketplace | Social monitoring

Head of Marketing

Marketing Assessment
Data Tracking | Data Analysis
Workflows | Marketing Strategies
Growth Marketing
| Growth Hacking cccc

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I partnered with 50+ Leaders & Brands to Scale Their Businesses

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Delivered Projects
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Want to Improve Your Performance ?
Visualize Your Data.

Turn complicated challenges into simple solutions with crystal clear data visualization.
Enable better data understanding for an effective business optimization.

Data Visualization

Collect your data to
understand your performance.

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$150per seat per year
  • Data analytics
    Marketing data analysis
    Sales data analysis
    Business intelligence
  • Variables plotting
    KPIs definition
     Data collection
    Data modelization
     Data structuration
  • Looker Studio
    Data aggregation
    Dashboards design
    Dashboards integration
  • Reporting
    Synthesis of data
    Restitution to client
    Opportunity recommendations
Marketing Intelligence

Leverage your data to
engage your targets and clients.

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$950per seat per year
  • Go-to-market action plan
    Target market
    UVP (value) + USP (selling)
    ICP & Buyer persona
    Acquisition channels
  • Demand generation strategy
    • Target audience
    • Brand identity
    • Channels
  • Acquisition strategy
    • ICP & Buyer persona
    Acquisition channels
    • Lead magnets
  • Team training
    • Assessment
    • Ressource production
    • Evaluation & Feedback
Marketing Automation

Exploit your data to
increase your performance.

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  • Inbound marketing
    Brand building
    Marketing content
    Landing pages
  • Outbound marketing
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
    Search Media Optimization (SMO)
     Lead generation
  • Marketing ecosytem
    Process Development
    System Set up
    Tools integration
    Multi channel outreach
  • Growth hacking
    MVP AB Testing Metrics tracking Test & Learn Iterations

I Simplify Your Workflow.

From data analysis to outreach, I help you scale without headache. Get a look onto my process.

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Embark on a journey through our transformative
projects, where success and customer focus meet.

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Trusted by Leading Companies

Ads budget optimized by -47%

"By visualizing the data from our previous marketing ad campaigns,
we were able to personalize our marketing messages to align with customer preferences, leading to more effective campaigns where

we optimized the budget by -47%."

This is a game changer!

"The report has definitely helped us optimize our sales operations and drive growth, providing the whole team a clear and intuitive way
to analyze our results, understand
our clients better and improve
our performance".
ValentinaChief Sales Officer

+37% sales increase

"By analyzing the results of our marketing campaigns, we were
able to refine our marketing
strategy in alignment with
customer expectations.
This resulted in a significant

increase in sales of +37%.”
Denis Founder & CEO

We surpassed our goals!

Florian's expertise in automated B2B lead generation campaigns streamlined our efforts and gave us exceptional results!

I highly recommend.

The campaigns exceeded our expectations. Our sales team can
now focus 100% on high-value leads.

This changed the game!

Generating such qualified leads with
a more impactful branding value was
a real accelerator for our sales team.
It's like night and day!
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